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 is committed to the supply of green superfoods which provide a wide spectrum of highly bioavailable wholefood nutrients. Our 100% organic products are balanced by nature and absorb more effectively than those found in synthetic formulas.



Primal Greens superfoods have been harvested and used in traditional societies for many years. In the 21st century they are increasingly valued as a rich source of highly nutritious bioavailable wholefoods. These plants are packed with hundreds of macronutrients, micronutrients, minerals, vitamins, and protein.

From dietary balance to nutritional support..


Natural detoxification and cleansing


Boosts the immune system


Weight management, Cell rejuvenation


Cardiovascular health, Balancing pH

what They’re Saying

Consumers Testimonials

I’ve started taking 3mg every day with my morning coffee, i feel fabulous and more energy through out the day. Life is so much brighter with Primal Greens. Thank-you Jakob Filips

Primal Greens has helped me enormously with my chronic pain and insomnia, I use the Red relax formula a few hours before bed and I sleep like an angel, with a few interesting dreams! Mike

I love this product! it has changed my life, I no longer suffer from anxiety, I sleep better and I feel more confident facing the challenges life throws at me. Its a stress-free life. Wendy